Check Out Westwood's Best Indian Restaurants

Indian food is a wonderful tapestry of spices, textures, and mouth-watering flavors. In addition, Indian food has aspects, such as spices, that offer a plethora of health benefits. Take a look at some of our favorite Indian restaurants, in and around Westwood, that will take your taste buds on an exquisite adventure. In addition, each of these restaurants is in proximity to our luxury Westwood apartments at Westwood Glen Commons. 

Masala Art

Masala Art is devoted to serving their customers a wide variety of Indian cuisine that reflects the diverse cultures, art forms, and regions of India. The vast menu is a compilation of family recipes and dishes that are inspired by the wide customs and culture that covers the expanse of India. Each dish is fresh and made to order and is sure to delight each and every customer. 

Norwood Spice

Norwood Spice is dedicated to bringing its customers a true taste of the Himalayas. The dishes are a delectable variety of Nepali and Indian Cuisine and offer customers an adventure in deliciousness. The chef has over 20 years of experience cooking in fine restaurants and their staff strives to provide top-notch service to every customer every time they come into the restaurant.

Minerva Indian Cuisine

Minerva Indian Cuisine is driven to present customers with the opportunity to experience the breadth and width of the cultural differences and intricacies of Indian cuisine. Their dishes are a combination of Indian traditional recipes and new and innovative tastes. It is a true infusion of Indian cuisine and culture on a plate and allows each customer to delve into deliciousness and experience something that is truly a culinary masterpiece.

Indian food is an experience in flavor, taste, texture, and culture. It allows for an opportunity to experience something delicious and share in the warmth and culture of an exquisite nation. These are some of our favorite Indian restaurants, in and around Westwood, that are providing an opportunity to delve into deliciousness. Moreover, each of these excellent restaurants is close to our luxury Westwood apartments. Now you can explore our lovely city, enjoy a delectable Indian meal, and still be home in time to relax and enjoy your beautiful home. For more information contact us today. 


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