Get Your Makeup Done by These Local Artists

No matter the occasion you're getting ready for, there's no denying that a fresh, expertly applied makeup look can make you feel absolutely fabulous. Whether it's a wedding, class reunion, or simply your daily routine, a touch of professional makeup can work wonders. The best part is, it doesn't always have to be a bold look, though it certainly can be if you desire!

If you reside in the Westwood apartments, you're in luck because there are some incredibly talented makeup artists right in your neighborhood. Treat yourself to their exceptional skills and artistry by checking out these highly recommended artists in town:

First Kiss by Ari K

Ariane Pagan, the woman behind First Kiss by Ari K, has been doing makeup for over 15 years now. She's committed to working with clients to make them feel beautiful no matter the occasion. So, schedule a consultation with Ariane—she'll help you achieve the makeup look you're going for.

Makeup by Hayley Priscilla

Maybe, you're preparing to get your whole family's makeup done for a family portrait, for example. Or, maybe you just want to feel great for a certain event. Either way, Makeup by Hayley Priscilla is a great service to employ, if you want to feel your best.

Creative Contour by Carla

At Creative Contour by Carla, you'll leave your makeup session feeling like a celebrity, because everyone deserves to feel like one from time to time. Carla is a licensed esthetician, and she's also a certified makeup artist. That means she's ready to bring your vision to life.

Before you get your makeup done, you might want to get something delicious to eat in town. You might try one of the many great Mediterranean restaurants near apartments in Westwood, MA. Whether you get your makeup done a lot, or you're just getting your makeup done for a special event, it's worth it to pamper yourself. For more information about living at Westwood Glen Commons, a place where you'll feel pampered every day, contact us.

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Aug 3